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Yokohama ADVAN ST is made for high speed performance SUVs that require a combination of speed, performance and handling stability. Engineered to meet the stunning versatility of new generation SUVs, Yokohama ADVAN ST is a pleasure to drive for any enthusiastic adventure driver.

Yokohama ADVAN ST is street/sport truck summer tyre with a silica based tread compound that is less affected by high or low temperatures. The tread has a W-shaped design which drains water quickly and uses a 5-pitch variation sequence to provide agility and power required for SUV performance. The tyre produces only low noise even during high speed driving, making the myth of off-road noise. Yokohama ADVAN ST is structured to lend proper handling based on the needs of the lower center of gravity of the new generation performance SUVs.

Yokohama ADVAN ST adds a new dimension to SUVs, especially the new generation ones. A meeting of high speed capability, precision and safety, this Yokohama is a sheer joy to ride on any off-road track.

Highlights of Yokohama ADVAN ST:

Street/Sport truck summer tyre from Yokohama
Combines high speed, handling & power
Reduced noise even in off-road conditions
W-shaped design for good water evacuation properties
Agility is generated by the 5-pitch variation tread sequence

Average score
(1 recommendation)
1 recommendation
Performance on Dry Roads 4.50/5 | Performance on Wet Roads 4.50/5 | Performance on Snow 3.00/5 | Roadholding 4.50/5 | Driving Comfort 4.50/5 | Wear vs. mi 4.00/5 | Noise level 4.50/5 | Quality vs. Price 4.50/5
  • Canada, July 29, 2013
    HYUNDAI Sonata
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