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About us

Professionalism and passion

Tires and co. is among the pioneers in selling tires on the internet.

The beginnings

Tires and co., named "Pneus Online" in Europe, was founded in April 2001 by Alexis Nerguisian, information technology consultant, specialized in banking software and a sports car race fan. The idea of creating Tires and co. was born from a real need of its founder, who used to see his tires "melt" at the end of every race. He then began looking for a solution to pay his tires less. Why not buy them online? This was a bold step back in 2001, when Internet companies were going through a downturn, and Alexis Nerguisian had trouble finding supporters for his idea among friends and family. The partners weren't so confident either. How to trust someone with such a daring project?


Following this revolutionary idea, Alexis Nerguisian struggled every day for almost a year to develop what was to become France's first online tyre sales company. The website was not even officially launched when the first order was placed, dispelling the gloomy forecasts. Very quickly, Tires & Co. was a victim of its own success. The company had to expand rapidly and has continued to do so since 2001.

A Winner's Philosophy

From 600 tires sold in 2002 to several hundreds of thousands a year today, what had begun as a small business has been turning into a young dynamic company. Nothing kept us from evolving. We owe this success to the image that has been built on the company's principles: to always try to anticipate customers' needs, listen to their requirements and expectations, and be receptive and responsive to every question. As the founder says, our philosophy consists in "(...) offering products and services at the best prices within the shortest deadline, constantly providing guaranteed quality". The proof that we have always kept our promises is that, since the creation of the company, several tens of thousands of clients have chosen us.

Tires & Co: a winning team

A multilingual customer service

We are young, dynamic, innovative and ambitious and we are all trilingual because we do not conceive communicating with our clients other than in their native languages. Our team speaks perfect French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

The evaluations are encouraging. Our turnover has increased to over 150% the last two years. We wish to be our customers’ first choice. But Pneus Online is also present in Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, the Netherlands and Canada since September 2010.

Our philosophy goes well beyond commercial considerations. Tires & Co is not just an online sales site, it is also an encyclopaedia of knowledge about tyres. Our technical tips allow our clients to choose their tires in a professional manner.
Professionalism is always rewarded. Tires & Co. already works with car professionals.

List of our services and products

Unique Services

At Tires & Co. we always try to predict consumers' needs. This is why our range of services is so comprehensive:
- a complete delivery and tire fitting offer in our partner garages,
- Best prices : Save between 30 and 50% on average by ordering at Tires and co.,
- a professional client service department, answering by mail to any of our clients' questions.
* Please check with your local tire installer for tyre-fitting rates.

The list of products we supply shows our ambition to become the most complete tyre sales website:
- car, all terrain, 4WD and light truck tires,
- all season, summer and winter tires.

Our Partner Garages

Partner auto servicing garages in Canada: 157

  • Quebec 105
  • Ontario 46
  • British Columbia 3
  • New Brunswick 2
  • Alberta 1

The Future

At Tires & Co, we have ambitious projects and goals:
- enlarge our product and service offering,
- extend our partner garage network,
- reduce delivery times,
- work with the greatest tire manufacturers,
- enlarge our team.

Press Room

Reports and articles on Tires and Co in the press, on TV and on the radio. Visit the Press Room to read Tires & Co's press releases and see the latest press clippings about Tires & Co.

Noteworthy facts

01-29 Launch of a new Tires and Co site
09-02 Launch in Canada
04-07 Launch in Ireland
12-10 Launch in the Netherlands
04-03 500 000 tyres sold!
11-21 Launch in Portugal
05-11 Launch Pneus-Online/ads
09-07 Launch in Italy
03-27 Launch in Germany
02-22 Launch in Spain
12-21 Austria Launching
10-25 Launch in the U.K.
08-01 Launch in Belgium
09-29 Launch in Luxemburg
04-10 Creation of PNEUS-ONLINE