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The Nexen CP 662 summer tires are adapted for vehicles which have tires with the following dimensions: 195/65 R15 89 S Kia

Established in 1942, Nexen Tyre Corporation has about 70 years of tradition as a leader in the tyre manufacturing industry. Originally founded as the Heung-A Tyre, Nexen was acknowledged as Korea's first tyre company which began its car tyre production in the year 1956. Later, the company furthered its technology through an alliance with a Japanese manufacturer named OHTSU Tyre & Rubber.
In 2000, the company changed its name from Woosung Tyre to Nexen Tyre Corporation, “Nexen” being a combination of the terms, “next” and “century”. In the same year, Nexen Tyre got listed on the KOPSI index future market for the first time ever. Then, the manufacturer explored the SUV market by introducing several high performance SUV tyres.
Nexen Tyre was awarded a patent for manufacturing rubber/stratified silicate nano-composite tyres in 2005 which boosted the manufacturer's market share and reputation. Over the years, Nexen Tyre Corporation's domestic market share has increased from 8% to 20%, thanks to its dedicated involvement in car tyres, exceptional customer service and quality products. With an annual sales of more than $600 million dollars and more than 2000 employees around the world, Nexen Tyre Corporation is rated for the value of its products. Pneus Online offers references to several models of Nexen tyres.

Delivery time

The tires can be delivered in several parcels. On delivery, you must thus indicate the number of tires received on the terminal of signature and/or the bill of delivery.
If you choose one of our fitting partners for the delivery of your tires, we ask you to contact them before placing your order, so that the workshop confirms the service prices for your vehicle, and their availability.

Learn more about the delivery by clicking here.

Any delays in the delivery process cannot justify compensation or opposition on payment.


Please see detailed return terms of our products in the terms and conditions.

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