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Payment methods

Whatever the selected payment method, the confirmed order will only take effect once Tires & Co's bank has received payment.
It takes 24 to 48 hours to validate bank transfers.

  • Payment by Payment Card (secure site)

    Payment by Payment Card (secure site)

    To prevent from fraude, VISA and MASTERCARD are capable of asking you personal information to check your identity while you are paying.

  • Payment by bank transfer

    Please specify your order number on the payment order:

    Company: B2C PNEUS INC. / B2C TIRES INC.
    Bank: RBC Banque Royale
    Address : RBC - 610 St-Jean - Pointe Claire - Québec H9R 3K2 - Canada
    Transit : 07191-003
    Account N°: 101 129 5