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Pneus Online: quality and safety at the lowest cost

Geneva, 18 March 2014 – Changing vehicle tires often proves to be a serious headache. Making an appointment with your local garage, choosing your tires based on their price, quality and efficiency, making sure the mechanic is available, driving to your garage waiting in line before someone takes care of your car... Isn’t there a more simple way to do things?

With Pneus Online, the purchase and installation of new tires has never been made easier: thanks to its diverse stock, its large choice of discounted tires (up to 50 % discount relative to traditional retail channels) and its extensive distribution network of over 16,600 assembly centers, Pneus Online offers a complete and personalized service to its public.

Pneus Online’s customized service is one of the highlights of its success. Its delivery and home-mounting options, its myriad of personalized tips and the full availability of its local partners, combined with an assistance and anti-puncture warranty available 24/7 for 24 months, the real-time tracking of each package delivery and the ultra-secure payment options for each purchase of tires, frames, complete wheels, snow chains and other accessories make Pneus Online a major player in the sale of tires online.

Always at the forefront of web-based technology, Pneus Online is now proud to announce the launch of its new Responsive Web Design [RWD] website, which allows users to view and purchase their tires and accessories in the most optimal way, from any type of support (computer, smartphone or tablet).

Spring is in the air and holiday plans are well under way, which will certainly impact on the sale of tires, particularly in March and April. Before buying new tires, it is crucial for any consumer to be well- informed. Here are some tips to help you choose the best tires for your vehicle, as well as some practical information to help you in getting the best out of your new tires on the long-term, thereby helping you to save money.

Your choice of tires has a significant impact on your fuel consumption

Approximately 20 % of the fuel consumption of a car is imputable to its tires. As a matter of fact, a low resistance to the road corresponds to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Therefore, your choice of tires has a direct impact on the energy efficiency of your driving.

Noise nuisances are not only related to your engine, but also to your tires

Tires are a source of noise nuisance. In the case of a car, tire noise exceeds engine noise from 35km/h. Silent tires thus contribute to a better quality of life. Especially since road traffic is the most important source of noise nuisance. With quieter tires, it is possible to divide noise nuisance by two!

Good tire maintenance and pressure are essential for a better grip on the road

Tire quality plays a decisive role for your safety. A modern tire should provide a good suspension to absorb shocks and exhibit perfect rolling properties while being as quiet and sustainable as possible. It should offer maximum safety during braking, acceleration, during bends, on wet roads, snow or ice. Tire grip on a wet road is a key criterion for safety. At a speed of 80 km/h, the braking distance can be reduced, depending on the vehicle, by nearly 18 meters.

Tire pressure is another important part of your security, to prevent them from bursting and wearing out, while impacting heavily on fuel consumption. Driving with under-inflated tires results in increased fuel consumption. For example, with 0.5 bar less pressure, fuel consumption increases by 2.4%. It is therefore imperative to check your tire pressure at least once a month for your safety, and for the environment.

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About Pneus Online
A major player in the sale of tires online since its foundation in 2001, Pneus Online was a pioneer of this new market in France. Today, Pneus Online is also present in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Canada. Founded in Geneva in April 2001 by Alexis Nerguisian, a computer consultant in the banking sector and an automobile racing enthusiast, Pneus Online offers diverse solutions to its customers, whether individuals and professionals. Pneus Online’s services vary from a simple home delivery of products to a complete and localized offer in partnership with consumers’ nearest partner garage. Installation can also be done directly at home or on the workplace with Pneus Online’s mobile partner centers. Pneus Online, whose advice and knowledge is a true encyclopedia of tires, now hosts nearly 3 million visitors to its website andoffers more than 7.2 million tires for sale, while displaying a very strong local presence with a network of more than 16600 fixed and mobile mounting centers.