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One out of four cars made nowadays in Europe is originally equipped with Continental tires. Based in Hanover, Germany, Continental A.G monopolizes the fourth place on the international tire market, with more than forty plants and testing tracks all over the world. The company focuses more than half of its personnel on the tire business, creating them to fit all kind of vehicle, no matter the size, the shape or the speed capacity. Innovation and safety are the fundamental elements that define this brand, who signed in 2002 an agreement with one of its competitors, Bridgestone, in order to boost the research and development of run flat tires. Collaboration with some of the most prestigious constructers, such as Daimler-Benz and Porsche, gave Continental the opportunity of winning several speed world records in the Grand Prix racings. An enormous prize list, in more than a century of activity, that makes Continental a very prolific corporation. The only thing left to be tested remains the participation in the F1 competitions. Change brand

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