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Toyo tire
Toyo tires were declared best tires eight years in a row, by the independent American suppliers, awards published in the "tire Review" magazine (USA). An absolute record for this Japanese constructer, headquartered in Osaka, who celebrated sixty years since its creation in 2005. Placed among the greatest manufacturers in the world, Toyo is chasing the concept of the perfect tire. These tires answer all requirements, whether they are linked to safety, longevity or gripping on wet roads. The Japanese supplier attracted everyone's attention at the release of their recent model, the Proxis T1, very complimented by the consumers. A modern re-looking of the tread pattern, a larger contact with the road to assure an excellent grip in aquaplaning conditions are there to confirm Toyo tires' reputation. Very present in official races, these tires have also become famous by acting on the big screen. Those are Toyo tires in the ultra high performance (UHP) version that we see in "The Fast and the Furious" 1 and 2. Change brand

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