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Riken car tires: The full range of Riken car tires

Riken tire
Riken is a popular tyre brand owned by Michelin. Initially based in Japan, Riken Gomu Industry was working in the field of physical science and chemical research since 1917. Later, the company diversified and ventured into tyre manufacturing in the brand name of RIKEN. The name was actually an abbreviation of 'Riken Gomu', the original name of the company. RIKEN started exporting tyres to the United States from the year 1979. Then, the company grew in leaps and bounds and exported to Europe, turning itself into a full-fledged tyre manufacturer. In 1992, RIKEN registered as a brand with the company Michelin Okamoto Tire Corporation. After the acquisition by Michelin, the brand came to be pronounced as RIKEN, in the American way. Michelin can be termed as the world's most leading tyre manufacturer. A versatile industry giant, Michelin owns the best of tyre brands. With worldwide presence, in over 170 countries, Michelin holds forefront position in many tyre markets. Innovation, technology and quality are some of the key aspects that have kept Michelin ahead of competition. Riken is a brand that is distributed across several zones in Europe. The brand produces a range of tyres for the Passenger Car, Van and Truck markets. Riken combines aesthetics and technology at a very attractive price to yield tyres suitable for the European weather. Change brand

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