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All-terrain Motorbike tires

By Jean-Luc Fonjallaz - who took part in the Dakar rally 3 times.

Jean-Luc Fonjallaz Main manufacturers and examples of models:
Michelin: (enduro, cross, trial, rally raid)
Dunlop: (cross, rally raid, trial)
Pirelli: (cross, enduro, trial)
Metzeler: (enduro)

The hardness of the rubber (choice of terrain)

As a general rule for cross, enduro and trial, the softer the rubber, the better the grip on wet terrain. It is better to choose a hard rubber tire for dry and stony terrain.
As far as the rally raid is concerned, for now there is no difference in the hardness of rubbers. However, you have a choice between different models of tire - usually you either choose a model which is more adapted to a mixed earth / stony terrain (Baja by Michelin) or a model for sand (Desert by Michelin).

Direction of rotation

Direction of rotation of a motorbike tire Most manufacturers of all terrain tires make this distinction on their tires. Be careful during mounting. Some bikers turn the tire in order to gain extra grip. Although this is possible it is not, of course, recommended by the manufacturer.

Tubeless (TL) or normal (TT) rims

Tubeless tires require a particular bead wire clamp due to the fact that the bead wires have to form a very tight joint on the rim. Not all moulds are suitable for manufacturing a tubeless tire. Do not mount tires without inner tubes, unless the manufacturer recommends this. If a chamber is mounted, it is possible to mount a tubeless tire on a rim with an inner tube.
TL :the abbreviation for TubeLess. When mounted on a tubeless rim, tires bearing this indication do not need an inner tube.
TT :the abbreviation for TubeType. The tire has a separate inner tube.

Bib mousses / Mousse Racing

Bib mousses / Mousse Racing The Bib-Mousse is intended for use in all terrain competitions with tires and must not be used on public roads. It is inadvisable to mount it on tires made by other brands.

  • The Bib-Mousse must not be stored on a long term basis at more than 30°C.
  • The maximum period of use for the Bib-Mousse is 6 months as from the date it is mounted on the bike. This period may be considerably reduced in the event of intensive use. For example, it will be shorter for Motocross than for Enduro.
  • When it is new, the Bib-Mousse offers pressure which is equivalent to 0.9 bars. This pressure gradually decreases during use, making its replacement necessary.
  • Every time you ride your bike, it is necessary to gradually warm up the tire and Bib-Mousse unit.

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