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Fitting and Storing Motorbike tires

Fitting Motorbike tires

Mounting, dismounting, inflating and balancing tires must be carried out using suitable equipment and entrusted to qualified personnel, who will be responsible for checking compliance with manufacturer standards for the chosen tire: dimensions, the speed index and the load index, etc.

They will make sure that rules of mounting, dismounting, inflating and balancing are complied with. They will ensure that the direction of rotation is respected when the tire is mounted.

Storing Motorbike tires

The tires must be stored in dry and temperate premises - if possible suspended - sheltered from direct sunlight and weather conditions.

Do not store them in a pile during long periods, unless they are mounted and inflated. Avoid crushing or deforming them with other objects.

Also avoid storing them close to any chemical substance, solvent or hydrocarbon which is likely to alter the nature of the rubber.

Motorbike tires