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Dunlop supplied tires for more than 300 racing competitions and tests, held all over the world and this only in 2005. "Success in all respect of the tradition" is the definition that best describes this British manufacturer. Indeed, Dunlop has one of these historical reputations to defend, because its destiny is intimately related to the first inflatable tire ever invented, created by the same man who gave the brand"s name, Sir John Boyd Dunlop. Even though the company merged with the American giant Goodyear, in 1999, it still keeps intact its own essential values and features. Official partner of the British Touring Car Championship since 2003, Dunlop continues to engage itself in a traditional trend: creating safe, reliable and elegant tires. If we add to all this, the presence of this British company in all the industry's sectors, then the respect it imposes on the international market is easily understandable: Dunlop is often the first choice when it comes to changing the original tires. Change brand

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